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Blood Group Antigen Gene Mutation Database

Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology
Atlas of Medical Parasitology
Biochemistry - online: Nucleic Acids (incl. 3D-DNA figures)
Cytokine Gene Polymorphism - Database

DERMIS - Atlas of Dermatology (incl. historic pictures)
Genes and Disease (NIH)
Hematology Image Atlas - Categorical Index

Human Genome Database
Lab Tests Online (AACC)
Medical Images and Illustrations

Microbiology, Virology, Immunology, Bacteriology, Parasitology, Mycology online
Online Atlas of Surgery
Nobelprizes in Medicine; Laureates, etc.
Pediatrics Medicine - A Reference eTextbook (2002)

The Times 100: The Most Important People of the Century - category: Scientists & Thinkers
Virtual Hospital -Digital Library of Health Information


Verschiedenes (engl.) im www

All About Blood ... (AABB)
American Red Cross: Transfusion Medicine Quarterly (USA)
BaCon Study - Bacterial Conatmination of platelets (USA)

BloodLine - Transfusion Medicine / Education
Common Simple Emergencies
Current Issues in Transfusion Medicine (USA)
DNA from the beginning (Einführung / Sehen & Hören)

History of blood transfusion medicine (short introduction)
Human Blood Group Systems (ISBT)
Multilingual dictionary for popular medical terms (EU: 9 languages)

Platelet Corrected Count Increment [Taschenrechner]
Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT) - website (UK)
SHOT-report 2003 [pdf]

Transfusion Medicine Sites (CAN)
WHO - World Health Report


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Journals at BioMedCentral (BMC)


Free Books
Cancer Medicine (2000)
Electronic Textbook of Statistics
Emergency Medicine
Family Practice Handbook

Handbook of Medical Informatics (NL, 1999)
Modern Genetic Analysis (2003)
Molecular Biology of the Cell - das bekannte Lehrbuch

Textbook in Medical Physiology And Pathophysiology (2002)
Transfusion Medicine Tutorials [WebPath], picture galeries

Transfusion Medicine Handbook - New Zealand (2003) [pdf]
WHO Report on Infectious Diseases (2000)


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Joint ASH and AABB Educational Session: incl. Transfusion Medicine
Education Program Hematology (ISH-1999)
Education Program Hematology (ISH-2002)

Transfusion Medicine - Review (Part I) [pdf] L. Goodnough et al.; NEJM 1999
Transfusion Medicine - Review (Part II) [pdf] L. Goodnough et al.; NEJM 1999

Allergy & Immunology articles ...
Hematology articles... (incl. transfusion medicine & hemostaseology)
Transplantation articles ...